Book Features

Special features available from this page include a Synopsis of In the Footsteps of Phoebe;

a comprehensive Bibliography; "Deaconess Hymns of Old,"

and the complete content of some of the significant documents quoted in the book.



In the Footsteps of Phoebe:  A Complete History of the Deaconess Movement in The Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod

+ Synopsis


+ Comprehensive Bibliography


+ Significant Documents Quoted in Full

(chp 1) The autobiographical notes of Elizabeth Hess Wambsganss


(chp 2) "The Master is Come and Calleth for Thee" by Rev. F. W. Herzberger


(chp 3)  Servanthood Sermon (I Pet. 4:11) by Rev. Francis J. Lankenau


(chp 4) Installation Sermon (Matt. 25:40) by Rev. Herman B. Kohlmeier


(chp 4) Installation Sermon (Psalm 119:105) by Rev. William T. Naumann


(chp 6) Valparaiso University brochure


(chp 7)  "Appeal for Deaconesses in Foreign Mission" by Rev. Otto H. Schmidt


(chp 9)  LCMS Board for Higher Education 1968 Report on "Special Ministries"


(chp 11) Resolutions Regarding Deaconess Training - 1977 LCMS Convention Workbook


(chp 12)  "The Deaconess Program" by Dr. Paul A. Zimmerman


+ Deaconess Hymns of Old